How Our Sales Work


On the morning of sale days, we use a number system for entry into the home on a first come, first served basis. If you arrive shortly before the sale is scheduled to open, you are likely to find a long line of people already there.  Customers have been known to arrive many hours earlier to get one of the first numbers – especially if there is something of special interest to them.  Once we are open and everyone has gotten in, numbers will not be needed for the rest of the day.

As soon as you arrive for opening time, be sure to immediately ask to see who is giving out numbers (it will be either a customer or staff member).  Your number will assign your place in line for entry.  Do not lose your number – you must present it as you go in or otherwise you will have to go to the back of the line.  Always read our ad entirely – we sometimes may open “early” outside for jewelry or showcase items.  In that case, your number will be used for both shopping early and to go inside.



The address of the sale in not released until the day before the sale for security reasons.  We will include directions and parking instructions - please read these!  We ask that you be respectful of the neighbor’s yards, driveways, and mailboxes.  PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE PARK – IT MAKES IT DIFFICULT FOR OTHER CARS AND ESPECIALLY EMERGENCY VEHICLES!   We are not responsible if you find yourself with a ticket or being towed.


To the best of our ability, all items for sale will be priced with a string tag, sticker, or sign.  We will have “generic” price lists usually for clothing, linens, and books – unless an item is marked otherwise with an individual price.  As you enter the house and see something you want to buy, you may place it in your bag/box.  We will have a designated holding area for “piles” if you find your arms full.  We ask that you be respectful of others “piles” in the holding area (DO NOT TAKE ITEMS THAT BELONG TO SOMEONE ELSE)! 

We use a 2 card system for large items (such as furniture that is too big to pick up or carry).  The top card will have the item name and a price on it.  The card underneath will say SOLD.   If you want one of these items, take the top card and find a Sterling Estate Sale Company staff member to mark your name on the SOLD card.  If your name is not on the SOLD card and marked PAID, we will sell the item to someone else.  You need to have your name put on the card and it must be paid for. 


You should take the top card with the price to the pay table when you are ready to pay.  DO NOT TAKE THE TOP CARD AND “THINK ABOUT IT” – IF YOU TAKE THE TOP CARD, YOU ARE COMMITTING TO BUYING IT.  TO CARRY IT AROUND AND THEN CHANGE YOUR MIND IS NOT FAIR TO EITHER OUR CLIENT (we may have lost the best opportunity to sell the item early in the day) OR TO OTHER CUSTOMERS WHO MAY HAVE WANTED TO PURCHASE IT. 


All furniture purchases must be removed by the end of the sale.  If you plan to purchase furniture or other heavy large items, please have arrangements in advance for moving and loading these.  We will not have the staff or the time to assist you with moving and loading.   



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